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Our Story

Interior Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1989, with the intent to share our abilities and vision with people who desire the uncommon. Years of experience along with the desire to be steadfast and unwavering in our field have allowed us to be efficient and more affordable.


Message from the CEO:

At Interior Concepts. Inc, I have surrounded myself with like-minded-people, to ensure our customer’s projects are elevated to their expectations and beyond. They are very caring and conscious when in delicate environments, always being respectful. They are able to accomplish their work at a high level, but also, all of our sub-contractors are very attentive and capable. Through explaining detailed plans, answering your questions and laying out custom drawings, our customers are able to visualize these projects in their home or space. We know if the customer is sure of what they are creating; the job goes much smoother and faster. This is better for both parties. I look forward to sharing my staff with you. 


Billy Hammons

Craftsmanship combined with unwavering management gives Interior Concepts, Inc. the edge in terms of providing exquisite service with constant high quality.

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